Step One – Picking

All of Kalibazar’s teamwear is stored in the warehouse as blank garments with no club specific logos on them. Orders are received and processed in batches so that a picking list can be produced.

All garments are then taken from stock and placed in tub ready for sorting. If any items are out of stock an order is placed with the appropriate supplier, which will arrive the next day.

Step Two – Sorting

Once all the garments have been picked the next process will be to sort them into their separate crates – to aid production and speed up the process each order is given its own crate. A job sheet is printed which tells the production team exactly what club/sponsor logos and personalisation goes on each garment.

Step Three – Embroidery

The first production process is embroidery, almost every item is embroidered and over 60% of items are personalised with player’s initials. Each logo has to be hooped up and embroidered separately; an average club logo has 10,000 stitches taking approximately 10 minutes to embroider. Hats have a separate attachment that needs to be fitted to the machines before they can be embroidered.

Step Four – Vinyl

Once all the items have been embroidered the order will be moved along to the vinyl section. This is where sponsor logos or name and number personalisation is applied to the garment. The heat press is set at a temperature of 170’C and presses with a force of 60/80psi for 15 seconds. Almost 50% of items that are sold have some sort of vinyl application.

Step Five – Postage and Quality Control

The final stage of the Kalibazar production chain is where the whole order is checked to ensure everything is OK to send. Every garment which has embroidery on it needs special backing paper ripped off and the vinyl applications also need attention as the majority of these have carrying paper which needs to be removed.

After a garment has passed the quality control station, it is folded and placed back into its original packaging. Once everything is ready to go we place the order in a grey plastic bag and put it in one of our Royal Mail bags ready to be shipped.

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